We Use Industry Standard Parts

The elevator parts suppliers we use are reputable companies that produce elevator components for many manufacturers. They supply us with quality, non-proprietary components that meet high safety standards.

The benefit of non-proprietary components means that any certified elevator maintenance company can service the parts provided by the various elevator part suppliers.  Industry standard means all elevator companies are familiar with the components we use.

We fabricate the wood and steel parts we use in our modular elevators. Below you will find a list of the major components we use and the companies that supply them to us.

Power Unit / Controller

  • Hydraulic Tank – Phoenix Modular Elevator
  • Hydraulic Control Valve – Maxton
  • Submersible Pump – EMI
  • Submersible Motor – US Electric
  • Micro-Processor Controller – Elevator Controls Corp., Smartrise

Car, Sling and Platform

  • Sling and Platform – Phoenix Modular Elevator
  • Elevator Cab – Phoenix Modular Elevator
  • Interior Cab Fixtures – Innovation Industries
  • Landing Selector System – Elevator Controls Corp., Smartrise
  • Guide Shoes – Nylube
  • Interior Laminate – Wilsonart
  • Interior Stainless Steel – Ridgidized

Doors and Door Equipment

Hydraulic Jacks

Traction Machine

Hoistway Shaft

Misc. Equipment

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