See the benefits of a modular elevator in action.

You’ll have an option that may just be a better fit for your project.

The following videos include testimonials, videos of the elevator being set in place, and explanations that can help with installation.

Modular Elevators are Simply Better

This video shows why modular elevators are safer, faster, and smarter. 

We Make Elevators Easy

Clarence Bergen of Urban Life talks about how easy the installation was. He feels that “We make elevators easy!” is more than a slogan.

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Hotel Set in One Day

We don’t even like to call it an elevator installation because the elevator is truly installed in the factory, in the hoistway before it arrives on the job site. More accurately, the elevator unit is set and then undergoes a start-up.

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2 Elevators – 1 Day Marriott Pleasant Prairie

Only modular can provide a system that will allow for two elevators to be set, wired and plumbed in one day.

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Bird’s-Eye View of the Install

How can you install two elevators in one day? This fun video answers that question. These elevators had two in-ground jacks installed before the elevators arrived. Then, the two hoistways were put into place. The elevators were then plumbed and ready for power to be turned on. Once power was on, it took less than a week to finish the installation.

Retrofit – No Problem

Retrofit is no problem with modular! You can place the elevator on the exterior of any building or even lower into the center of a building. Either way, it is the fastest way to add an elevator to any existing building.

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New Retrofit Testimonial Murphysboro Middle School

This school needed a new elevator to meet ADA fast. With limited time and resources, Phoenix Modular Elevator was able to meet the needs of the school. Everyone was thrilled with the results.

Customer Service Testimonial Urban Life Spas

Above is a testimonial from Clarence Bergen at Urban Life, a pool and spa company that was struggling to find a helpful elevator company that could create a glass elevator for his business.

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