Here are the details for the hoistway foundation and elevator pit. If you run into any snags, problems, or just need help figuring things out, please contact us at any time. We are ready and willing to assist you to pour the perfect pit.

Model Description Drawings
FP-1 Foundation of Elevator at Grade Foundation Details-Elevator at Grade pdf  Foundation Details-Elevator at Grade dwg
FP-2 Foundation of Elevator Accesses Basement Foundation Details-Basement pdf  Foundation Details-Basement dwg
FP-3 Foundation of Elevator Above Grade Foundation Details-Above Grade pdf  Foundation Details-Above Grade dwg
FP-4 Pit Wall Footings Footing Detail/Enclosure Options pdf  Footing Detail/Enclosure Options dwg
FP-5 Hoistway Anchorage Elevator Hoistway Anchorage Detail pdf  Elevator Hoistway Anchorage Detail dwg
FP-6 Anchor Bolt Location Reference Pit Location-Reference pdf  Pit Location-Reference dwg

Remember, the biggest mistake you can make is not calling us with any questions you have. We deal with all sorts of questions all the time, so if you think you are in need of help, feel free to contact us for support.

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