Warren H.

President, Hayes Modular

"Super slick modular project we installed in Nashville! Modules built by Champion Modular. Could not believe they offered me money to slide in a 50′ elevator thru the roof and thru the middle of four modules! I said no way, this is way too cool, I should be paying you! And guess what…It fit!!! Even better!! Shout out to Phoenix Modular Elevator, this is a fantastic solution if you have ever been held hostage by the elevator installation. This elevator was installed in one lazy afternoon."

Roy A.

Board Member

"The Phoenix Modular Elevator is quality and affordable. Just what we needed."

Chris P.

Project Manager

"I just wanted to take another moment to thank you for taking the time to put together a very rough estimate today so I could have a SOLID option to present at our meeting tonight.  You did something that anyone at any number of companies would be capable of doing, but they where all unwilling due to not having enough detailed information on the project.  You didn’t worry about Sales or Qualifying me, you simply delivered what I needed when I needed it with no hassles."

Ian A.

Director of Buildings and Maintenance

"Love it, no problems, very reliable and a great value."

Victor L.


“We’re in and out of these in less than a week.”

Clarence B.

Business Owner

"We got a quick quote over the phone and they came up with numbers that matched our needs very well. Every time we called someone picked up the phone and was very friendly and anxious to help. We had ready drawings within 24 hours and the customer service just blew me away. When the elevator arrived it was just as we wanted it."

Michael M.


"Great elevator that has allowed us to improve access for all our customers."

Stan M.


"There are people in our community that do not attend church because of steps. The elevator will make us accessible for anyone."

Chris B.


"Our crew found your staff very knowledgeable and helpful  and the product well assembled."

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