Open the Door

Open the door above the car by removing the red shipping bracket and get onto the cartop.

Remove Penny Bolts on Cartop

On the cartop, locate the bright orange ribbons and remove the upper shipping bracket bolting the car in place as well as the penny used as a spacer.

Check to make sure everything is clear and ready to move:

  • Hoistway is clear above and below the car
  • Traveling cable is clear and won’t snag
  • Jacks are plumb, aligned, even with the hoistway base plates, and bolted to the pit floor
  • Oil lines and jacks are charged, and jacks are bled
  • Buffer stands are even with the hoistway base plates and bolted to the pit floor

Enter the Pit

Enter the pit and remove the penny bolts on the bottom, remove the bolt that holds the lower shipping brackets to the car quake plates (red flag), and lift the car.  DO NOT REMOVE THE BOLTS HOLDING THE SHIPPING BRACKETS TO THE RAIL.

Raise the Car

Raise the car off the lower shipping brackets. Check for leaks. If the hydraulics are securely holding the car up, remove the lower shipping brackets from the rails. From the valve, manually lower the car to rest on the buffer springs.

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