Once you’ve decided a Phoenix Modular Elevator is right for you, we work hard to make the process fast and easy.  Here’s a basic timeline and how it works.

1. Order the Elevator

We need 3 things to get started:

  • A purchase order: The simplest way is to issue a P.O. referencing the quote we gave you. If you require a subcontract, we can accommodate you, but you’ll need to allow time for us to review.
  • A 10% deposit: This is 10% of the price, not including freight.  If you need an invoice to pay from, let us know and we’ll send you one.
  • A completed project data sheet: This gives us critical information to produce drawings of your elevator and contact info so we can set you up in our system and know who to talk to for what.  If you have questions about anything on the form, call us and we’ll walk you through it.

2. Approve the Design

Once we have all of the above, within 24-48 hours on standard hydraulic designs and 2-3 weeks for traction designs, we will produce approval drawings for you to review.  We’ll have critical details for your elevator installation (like travel distance, electrical voltage, etc.) prominently marked on the drawings.

Have the appropriate person review every last detail on the drawings, compare to other construction drawings, and make sure we got everything designed exactly how you want it.   Have them sign off on the highlighted areas and write any other changes on the drawing.

We need 2 things to complete this step:

  • Signed drawings: You are welcome to sign and email those back. No physical copies needed.
  • A 50% progress payment: We will have included an invoice for this amount when we send you the approval drawings.

3. Schedule Manufacturing

The timeline really starts moving when we have all of the above. We will order your custom components and when we’ve confirmed lead times with our suppliers, we will place your elevator into our production schedule.  This is typically 8 weeks after you return the approval drawings, but can be sped up with expediting fees, providing the production schedule can accommodate it. Please note that many of our supplies are currently experiencing longer than normal lead times, so this might increase to 10-12 weeks depending on the order.  This may also be longer than 8 weeks if your elevator has non-standard components with longer lead times, if the elevator is traction, or if you request a later ship date.

4. Manufacturing

We begin typically about 2-3 weeks after we receive drawings, but can vary depending on the production schedule of elevators before and after yours. If you would like progress photos of your elevator being built, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you. Or, feel free to come on out during production and see it in person.  We think our process is pretty cool and love to share it.

While we are building your elevator, you will need to be doing the elevator-related site work: pouring the pit, cutting door penetrations, and scheduling electrical, fire alarms, and phone line install.

We’ll provide you a guide with details on everything you need to do so the site is ready for the elevator when it arrives. Typically 4-5 weeks after starting, your elevator will be complete and ready to ship.  Prior to shipment, we will invoice you for 30%.  This payment must be received prior to our shipping the elevator.

5. Shipment

A few weeks before manufacturing is complete, we will contact you to determine the exact delivery date/time of delivery.  We will then determine the date it needs to ship and find a carrier to make the delivery.

We have several companies that we work with who have trucked our elevators throughout North America.  Before we schedule transportation, we bid out each job to at least 3 carriers and select the lowest price.  This charge is billed to you at cost. If you prefer, you may arrange for your own transportation.

Trucking from our Illinois factory is usually 2 days to the east coast, 4 days to the west coast, and 3-6 days to Canada.

6. Elevator Arrival and Set

The elevator will arrive on time, and we will have a local installer as well as a technician from our factory there to supervise the placement. It’s important to have a crane ordered and ready. Here is some valuable information about the crane needed, including the rigging method. The total process, including untarping the elevator and setting up the crane, takes only a few hours.

7. Installation

The rest of the on-site elevator installation work can take place when you have power for the elevator.  In construction projects, this is occasionally soon after the elevator is set, but more commonly it is weeks (or sometimes months) later.  We will coordinate with you to have the installer return for a few days to complete the connections, testing and adjusting once power is installed.

Prior to the inspection, there are several items the GC needs to complete. These include cab flooring, completion of the fire and smoke alarm system, and the addition of a phone line.  We will coordinate with you to schedule the final inspection after you have completed these final items.

8. Inspection

This can be scheduled as soon as the installation is complete and all GC checklist items have been completed.  Lead times vary from one day to 4 weeks depending on the jurisdiction.   Once the inspector passes the elevator, the installer will turn it over to the building owner and it is ready for use.

At this time, the final payment of 10% is due.

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