You Ship

Customers arrange shipping using one of our recommended carriers or a carrier of your choice. This option ensures you pay the exact cost; no upcharge included, as payment will flow directly between you and the carrier.

We Ship

Allow PME to arrange trucking for your elevator(s). We will take care of everything: selecting the carrier, scheduling and payment for an additional 15% of the total shipping cost.

If you opt for option 1, we will provide you with the following information to give the carrier:

  • Dimensions of the elevator can be found on your elevator submittal drawing.
    • Shipping Length=add 6″ to the tower height
    • Shipping Height=add 3″ to the total depth (front to back) of the elevator
  • Approximate weight of the elevator, which will be provided to you after the Production Verification call.
  • If you have ordered a modular machine room, the dimensions can be found on the submittal drawings, and we will confirm these during the Production Verification call as well.  This can ship on the same truck as the elevator if the elevator is less than 40′ long. If the elevator is over 40′, there is still potential to ship both on one truck if a drop deck trailer is used, but this would need to be confirmed with the trucking company.
  • If no modular machine room is included, we will ship the machine room components on a separate pallet with the following weight and dimensions: 600 pounds; L 48″ x W 48″ x H 48″
  • If your elevator is a multi-piece tower, then each tower will ship on a different truck.

PME Recommended Carriers

  • Stock Transport, Inc.: Stock Transport is a local carrier located in Lebanon, IL. They have transported hundreds of PME elevators all over the US and are well-versed in our shipping procedures.
  • ATS Specialized, Inc.: ATS Specialized has experience with PME loads and often takes our oversized loads.

Trucking Tips

  • We would encourage you to set up the trucking soon after you receive your submittal drawings. The submittals will provide you with all of the dimensions the carrier will need, and it will secure the date needed.
  • Make sure the truck arrival time lines up with the crane to avoid overage charges. It typically takes the crane 30 minutes to get set up, so if the crane is set to arrive at 7:00 am, the truck would be needed onsite between 7:30-8:00 am.
  • Make sure the trucking company understands this needs to be a dedicated load, meaning no other loads are to be picked up en route to the elevator’s destination. Including other freight with the elevator can cause unnecessary damage.
  • Don’t hesitate to confirm the dimensions with us. Accurate dimensions are needed for the carrier to provide the right trailer, so while they can be found on the submittal drawings, we will confirm these during the Production Verification call.
  • The trucking company should provide the following:
    • eight 30-foot straps
    • 32 corner protectors for the top and bottom of each strap

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